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Private Parties

Reading Style

Whether you prefer psychic readings, angel card readings, mediumship reading or a mix of it all, we can make it happen. Psychic readings are meant to connect to past, present, future energy connected to all things life. Mediumship readings are when I connect to loved ones who are in spirit. Angel Card readings are psychic readings with pictures! 


There is a travel fee of $0.65 per mile for gas, parking, possible tolls and a charge of $0.75 for time traveled. Travel expenses are charged at 0% markup. If there is airfare, car rentals or hotels involved that will be discussed case by case. 

How many guest?

The amount of guest will have an impact on how many hours should be spent at the party and how long each reading could be. 


For in person parties there is a $350 fee for 2 hours, not including travel. Expect Jazmine The Medium to show up 15 minutes early to prepare. 

How long?

What style reading and how many guests will determine how long Jazmine The Medium should be there. On average, there is a 2 hour minimum. 

Set up

Discussion of set up will depend on the party. Jazmine can stand and put on a show for a group or be set up in a private space for 1:1 readings or even a table in the corner of the party for guests to come to. Whatever you need she is here to cater. You can also request Jazmine brings angel card, crystals and Florida water to set the mood. 


Get in touch with Jazmine to inquire about your party!

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