Let me introduce myself...

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Inside The Mind of Jazmine The Medium

You see the pretty pictures but do you really want to know what is going on?

Hi! I'm Jazmine The Medium, a professional psychic medium who wants to take you along this journey of life. Learn in real time with me and get an understanding of my process of healing, growing and loving myself! From sad girl to an abundant woman here we come....

Some fun facts about me other than having a cool job is...

I am a dog mom to two beautiful baby girls Molly and Marley along side my fiancé, bestfriend and love of my LIFE, Zach. My nieces and nephews are some of my greatest motivations and I pray to be able to have one of my own one day. (because, ya know...God really said she is getting everything she ever wanted in the hardest way possible) This girl here is moody but caring, sensitive but loving, a fighter, a survivor, an explorer, humanitarian, a weirdo who just doesn't give up.

Any time I need to get away, you will catch me in the woods letting Mother Earth do her thing. At this point in my life I am learning to detach from the pain of the past, trying to convince my brain that I am actually safe physically, mentally, sexually, spiritually and emotionally while figuring out what kind of life I want to create out of it.

The ultimate goal is simply peace, love and happiness surrounded by my closest friends and family.

Background Check

In order to know who I am you have to know where I've been...Hell. Like I am sure many of you, I had to grow up fast. Some blame it being the first born or being birthed by a fresh 20year old but hey, here we are...trained perfectionist, people pleaser trying to break generational traumas while dealing with her own depression and anxiety. (Family Portrait- Pink... IYKYK and IYK I'm sorry YK)

Fast forward to high school and seeing 4 classmates pass in 2 years, one of them being my BEST friend and one of them being my future brother in law. (Oh and it didn't stop there but ya know, trying to keep this short and sweet) After that I began the journey of being lost... trying new "activities" to numb the pain and simply living out my life like I would never make it to 28.

Add a co-dependent, toxic, dumpster fire of a relationship and boy did we learn some lessons. To wrap up my 20s, all of this trauma and bad decisions led me to being diagnosed with Lupus, an autoimmune disease that rocked my world. Oh oh oh and all this while being an empath, psychic, medium without knowing....so lets just say yo girl was crazy sensitive and had a true problem with letting go.

I made it to 30 to much surprise...actually turning 32 in a little less than three months and I just now feel like life is starting for me. (12/18)

It is a surreal feeling if we are being honest. I had never planned on being here and that means I don't have that 401k, a career, or really even a plan but at the same time...im alive so it's a battle of "im proud of me" and "we got hella work to do girl". It can be overwhelming at times but if it's one thing I learned in the past 14 years is that it won't be like this forever.

To enjoy being in this moment of life because we can't get it back and while we may want to run away from it sometimes, its here where we find who we truly are.


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This journey of life has taken me on some roller coasters but its also something that I officially wouldn't trade for the world. My life mission isn't to heal others, it is to heal myself so others can see they too can do this. One baby step at a time.